In many of the northern coastal areas one does not have to have a car! In addition to the wonderful railroad and pleasant walkways, there are the bus, group taxi van (sherut), and the regular taxi.  Both train and bus offer various discount tickets and monthly passes. The sheruts also offer a rechargeable discount card.   Train stations are in Naharia, Ako, Qiryat Motzkin, and Qiryat Haim. Naharia is the northern most rail station, so living in Shlomi or Rosh haNikra would require use of other types of transport.

The Qrayot: There are two train stations - Qiryat Motzkin and Qiryat Haim.  Many of us find travel by train very much to our liking.  As with other public trasport, the rates are reasonable. 

Several Egged bus routes travel through and/or within the Qrayot.  Both sherut (group taxis), and regular taxis, are readily available.  Sheruts  provide service to Naharia, Ako, and Haifa.  In many areas, there are bike paths next to the sidewalks, so bicycling is another option. 
 Easy to live without a car.