Kiryat Shmuel schools (by Ariyai Halevi):
There are three main school systems in Kiryat Shmuel.  There are the Rav HaKarmi schools, the Aharon Haroe/Pirchei Aharon schools, and the Chabad schools.  In general, the Rav Hakarmi schools are for the Charedi community, though at least a third of the school comes from a Torani (serious Dati Leumi) background and most of the Charedi kids are from working families.  The school is for both boys and girls (separated obviously) up until 8th grade.  After 8th grade there is a boys yeshiva but no girls seminary as of yet (though there are always plans for such). At the moment girls go to the Acco or Haifa Beit Yaakov for high school.  Both the boys and girls school learn a full Ministry of Education approved secular studies program.  The Aharon Haroe/Pirchei Aharon schools are pretty much for the Dati Leumi community.  The school is also for boys and girls – also separated.  It is made up of all levels of religious observance though all are orthodox.  It has a very strong secular studies program.  After 8th grade there is the Pirchei Aharon yeshiva for boys, and Ulpana Segula for girls.  The last school is the Chabad school which is also for boys and girls (separate) and goes up until the end of high school.  It also has a full secular studies program.  It has a mix of kids from many backgrounds.

K.S. School Contact info: 
Netivot Moshe- 04-876 0337  fax 04-8766641.  Principal: Rav Shmuel Edelstein   054 844 4144
Aharon Haroeh- 04  8715569  Fax 04 8732487 
Chabad - 04-8733150.  Principal: Rav Laible Shilkroit  050 415 6770